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New Kitchen Remodel atop Honolulu

New Kitchen Remodel – Round Top – Honolulu

Looking for a general contractor can be difficult, especially when you are planning a project for an essential part of your home such as the kitchen. You want to be able to trust the teams working in your home and at the same time you want the quality and craftsmanship to be perfect because of the money you are putting into it. In the case of this New Kitchen Remodel atop Honolulu, the homeowner did their research, received many quotes, talked to many different companies and in the end decided to go with Homeworks as their general contractor. They chose Homeworks because of their experience with our Project Coordinator and Kitchen Designer as well as Homeworks’ ability to bring to customize the project to their exact style with the help of our Selections Designer. See how the job played out below and in the pictures!

With a modern vision in mind as well as a wooden theme throughout the home, our kitchen designer had the task of incorporating these styles together while keeping functionality a priority for the homeowner. The stainless-steel appliances matched with the dark non-framed cabinets brought to life the modern look that created depth in the kitchen. The next hurdle was to add a touch of wood without taking away that modern style we had in place and it was done in the form of a beautiful bar-stool counter made from a product called Zebra Wood. Matching the floors and doors in the rest of the home Zebra Wood is a wood product that is available in many different species of wood and calls out the zebra-like stripes throughout.


  Project Features: