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New Home on 6th Ave

New Home on 6th Ave

This New Home on 6th Ave in Kaimuki came as a new beginning for an owner that had grown up on this property and lived in the existing home basically their entire life. The fond memories and strong family ties made choosing their general contractor that much more difficult and personal. They wanted to work with a Design-Build firm that they could trust to take on this project with accountability and pride for the final product. After many trade shows, visits with different companies and keeping track of which company followed up the best, Homeworks Construction became the clear choice for this build.

“It started with the follow through from the Project Coordinator, and from then on everyone we met had the same desire and commitment to build our home.”  Was the Homeowner’s response when asks about their experience in the design process.

The Homeowner’s goal was to bring the existing home into the modern world with a fresh new look, a solid concrete base and functionality to match their lives today. Before the project, they were having problems with the spaces on their property that were hidden by a huge garage in the back and the fact that they are on a very busy street. They wanted more of a sense of security when at home. The solution to this was to build a nice open carport in the back and move the footprint of the home back on the property to be a little further away from the road.

“Before this, trash would pile up, animals would get back there and a few times we even found some people trying hide out! With the new layout and open carport we have full view of the entire property and can be at home in peace. Also, this surrounding community looks out for each other so with no property walls our neighbors can see in and look out for us at the same time, just as we will now do for them.”

The inside is done with simple but clean finishes from the laminate and vinyl flooring to the Corian counter tops and cultured marble walk-in showers. The colors are to create a fresh tropical feel with ocean blues and mountain greens incorporated into the rooms and living room.

Don’t worry…. Pictures of the Kitchen to come!


  Project Features: