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Windward Oahu New Home Build

Windward Oahu New Home Build

This Windward Oahu New Home Build sits directly across from Kailua Beach Park where previously there was an old dilapidated, abandoned, single wall dwelling. The Homeowner, an international businessman, had a vision for this land and the neighborhood around it. Splitting time between Tokyo and New York, the desire was to have a home to visit on their time off, a place to break up their long journeys, entertain family and friends and eventually a place to retire too. The owner’s dream was to capture Kailua, as it used to be, a quaint town, with neat rows of cottage homes surrounded by native vegetation. He wanted to feel like them and their guests were being transported back in time to an oasis of Hawaii in an ever changing and modernizing Kailua.

Our goals were to design and build a home that was practical for retirement, provided privacy for the owners from the hectic Kailua Beach Park, while at the same time not shutting out its wonderful ambiance. With frequent guest, privacy was of key importance which led us down the road of separating the master suite from the office without segmenting the home. Mixing privacy and accessibility to the kitchen, pool, laundry and exterior would prove to be a challenge. Larger overhangs shade the house for most of the day, mixed with the vaulted ceilings in every room allowing the interior to stay naturally cool and creating almost no need for an AC. The vaulted ceilings were all stick frame in order to stay away from having structural posts in the middle of the great room.

This project is special to Homeworks because of our complex efforts to create a rebirth of not only this lot but also the surrounding areas. Our hope is that this prominent home will contribute to a community rebirth back towards what makes our island so special. Upon seeing this New Home Built in Kailua, we hope that future builders and new home owners will see the value in preserving architectural integrity in these neighborhoods that define what it means to live in Hawaii,

  Project Features: