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New Modern Interior

New Modern Interior

Building a New Home is a huge investment and one that Homeworks’ hopes will last a lifetime! At Homeworks Construction we make sure to design and build around your vision and the functionality of you and your family’s lifestyle. For this particular home owner the priorities came down to creating a beautiful New Modern Interior while maintaining the feel of the rest of their neighborhood on the exterior.

Being built on post & pier allows this home to avoid interior flooding and foundation damage. The siding is a Louisiana Pacific Board and Batten; a product tested in Hilo with the tropical elements we face here in Hawaii. Made with an engineered wood that includes Waxes, resins, zinc borate and advanced binders for the best possible results against the environment, this Smart Siding is proven to be the best protection against our high humidity, thriving termite colonies and intense moisture. LP Smartsiding is just one of the many choices that Homeworks’ home building experts helped these owners decide on.

Walking into the interior can come as a major surprise for friends, family and guest seeing it for the first time because of the ultra modern twists that the homeowners had known they wanted from the very beginning. Starting in the galley style kitchen, a beautiful peninsula with a built in, flush countertop range and a stainless long stem hood is a sure attention grabber. And with a countertop that flows to the floor, it is easy to see the new age vision coming through. On the back half of the galley, glass plated upper cabinet doors, a stainless steel farmhouse sink and a sleek silver backsplash compliment the straight edged white cabinetry and flush appliances to complete this modern kitchen. The bathroom has it’s own unique selections including a floating toilet that is installed to the wall and floating cabinetry.

If you have a vision or an idea for your new home but do not want to spend a fortune, working with Homeworks is your best bet. Our Project coordinators, architect and design team work tirelessly with you to value engineer and find the best possible solutions for where you should spend a little more to get what you want and where to save and how we can help you do that. This owners vision comes through in the interior but there is no love lost on their beautiful exterior as well.

  Project Features: