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New Home on Hawaii Kai Marina Part 1

New Home on Hawaii Kai Marina Part 1

This is a New Home on Hawaii Kai Marina Part 1 and will be a part of a 3 part story following the construction of this project. Being a Design-Build firm we are known for but not limited to completing the layout, design, finishes and construction of a project. However, there are many times we are asked to take drawings done by an outside architect and provide an estimate on the finishes and construction of the project and for this long time owner that was his intention with Homeworks. He wanted to find, not only, a qualified builder to bring his drawings to life, but also a team he could work closely with and trust to take care of the property and new home throughout the process.

Being right on the water has its perks for sure as you will be able to see the amazing marina views that this new home will have when finished. But, here in Hawaii, it also presents the problem of deterioration and rust because of such a high volume of salt and moisture in the air. This was an important piece in Homeworks being chosen as the Contractor. After learning that we use only the best and most durable products, known to last and keep the quality for years to come the home owner felt comfortable that the choice was clear for who will build the home.

Another reason for Homeworks being chosen was our willingness to follow the vision of the owner. As a good citizen of Hawaii, this owner requested for “Reuse Hawaii” to demolish the home. They are a company that hand demolishes each and every project they do and can salvage up to 80% of most homes for reuse or recycle. Knowing that one-third of Oahu’s waste comes from construction Homeworks had no problem allowing this to happen and managing the project along the way.

Check out these few photos from when Reuse Hawaii was there as well as progress from our build as of January 12th, 2016. The structure is there so stay tuned for Part 2 which will include siding, drywall and some more interior shots before the finale of the final product.


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