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Modern Kitchen Hawaii Kai

Modern Kitchen Hawaii Kai

The original kitchen seemed to be shoved in a corner of the house that was dimly lit and closed off from the backyard, living room and entry area. Adding to the sad and dreary theme of this kitchen were dark stained press wood cabinets, original cream colored plastic laminate countertops and very old appliances. It not only posed problems for entertaining family and friends but also did not fit more than one person at a time comfortably and the lack of counter space meant having folding tables up all around the kitchen. This brought the idea to life for this Modern Kitchen Hawaii Kai.

The home owner and Homeworks wanted to create an inviting and welcoming kitchen that was perfect for entertaining and cleaning up the clutter. The goal was to maximize the space of the existing kitchen, living room and covered lanai to build a fully equipped, ultra-modern kitchen with and open layout concept that you could see first thing when stepping through the doors.

Achieving this open concept was a must for this home owner and something they never thought possible because of the structural wall that separated exterior from the inside. Homeworks architectural and design teams were able to find solutions that integrated a decorated post into the island and a painted beam across the top. When looking at this project you can see how Homeworks was able to incorporate these obstacles into the new style of the kitchen, almost seamlessly or as if it was intended to be that way.

Homeworks Kitchen designer worked with the client in deciding on beautiful custom white Push-Latch cabinets for a “Hardware Free” look to achieve an updated kitchen with a modern flair. Homeworks seamlessly integrated what used to be an exterior lanai with their existing kitchen to add more square footage and accommodate this 60 Square foot Island. We installed stainless steel legs that are hold up the corners of the island’s countertop to add a seating dimension on three sides for maximum entertaining and gathering purposes and when sitting at the island the valance lighting under the upper cabinets draws your attention to the countertop from sitting at the island’s barstool seating area.

This project was chosen for the BIA Ren Awards because of its dramatic change in appearance and functionality of design. From dark, dreary and old to bright, open and completely modern this kitchen remodel is one of the biggest transformations Homeworks has ever done to a single area of any home. The “wow” factor hits you as you step through the entry door and continues as you walk through this beautiful kitchen and see chrome and stainless steel touches that complement the custom hardware-free white cabinets and extreme white quartz countertops. With this project, Homeworks proves that you don’t need to change the structural integrity of your home to have the kitchen of your dreams even if there are restricting posts and beams involved.

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Merit Award for Kitchens over $100,001