Homeworks Hawaii

Home on the rise in Wilhelmina Rise

Many homes in Hawaii are build on a hill side or on sloped properties. This can create trouble for contractors and home owners who want to tear down and rebuild for two reasons; One excavating into a hillside far enough and wide enough can be dangerous to the property and other homes in the area, and two building a flat home on a sloping hillside truly complicates the building process. For Homeworks, this became an opportunity to get ahead of the game when we started many years ago and building homes on sloped properties and big excavations soon became our main target. Because of this, projects such as this Home on the Rise in Wilhelmina Rise are taken on with confidence, knowledge and experience that we will build and exceptional home despite the circumstances of the lot.

As shown in the before pictures, Homeworks was contracted to tear down the existing home, excavate a huge area, build a retaining wall and pour a flat concrete slab for the foundation. Soon after this process was complete the framing began and this owners vision started to come to life. The materials and selections are next to come in this story for a home that is going to have a modern feel of simplistic and clean lines.


Part 2: Drywall Stage

It is in the Drywall stage that you can truly start to visualize the layout of the inside of the home and start to see the different components come together. Being able to walk through and go room to room with walls around you can give you a compartmentalized view that you could not get when the home is just in the beam/structure stage. In a multi level home like this one that is up also on a hill, it is a great idea to take advantage of the views from the top floor and in this case the home owner did just that.

Take a walk through here with us and keep checking in for the completed project to come in the next few months!


  Project Features: